With NO coding knowledge you will be able to change your website’s layout according to your preferences: you can fully manage the content, widgets and sidebar areas. For all layouts there is an ability to choose “full width” modern view option. We are also happy to announce that all these options have responsive layout and your news will be structurally positioned one after another n smaller screens without messing up your posts.

Full-Width Content Area

With this layout, you will have content area with no sidebars. You also have an advantage to set the width of the content area.

Content Area with Right Sidebar

With this layout you can choose the width for both the content area and sidebar, giving each of them just enough area to breath.

Content Area with Left Sidebar

With this layout you again have flexibility to manage the width for both sidebar and content areas.

Two Sidebars on Different Sides

You can also choose to have the main content in the middle and sidebar in one side, primary widget area in other side with full width customization.

Two Sidebars on the Right Side

This layout allows having main content in one side and widget area and sidebar in either left or right sides. These layouts are perfect for multi-categorized news websites.