Shortcodes are amazing! Some complex designs and functionality can be reached with just a few minutes with a few clicks. We have added handful mostly used shortcodes to make website development for you even more pleasant with our theme.

Button Shortcode

Creating buttons has never been easier. You have full control to choose the text, border and background color. You can also choose button styles, alignment, size and the best thing is that you can preview the button before inserting.

Click me![/button

Link Shortcode

Insert links in style! Choose link type (note, alert, info, etc), alignment, text color, text hover color, you can also insert custom icon or write CSS style for your links.

Test link

Info Box Shortcode

Easily create info boxes for your users with rich box and text customization options.

Highlight this text by putting it inside info box.

Quote Box Shortcode

Create quote boxes with number of options to customize the final look of your quotes.

Wise sayings of a genius.

Tabs Creator Shortcode

Create new tabs with customizable text and link font sizes. And also having an ability to set tab width.

  • First tab

  • First Content
  • Second tab

  • Second tab content
  • Columns Layout Shortcode

    Add columns to your pages and posts with just one click.

    Column with 1/3 of width

    Column with 2/3 of width

    Dividers Shortcode

    Use dividers shortcodes to have better structured content!